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Originally from Iran, Penn Javdan was born in the grip of a war that killed a million people. 

A speaker of 4 languages, he has lived in the Middle East, Canada, Europe, and the United States. To make sense of a turbulent past, he entered academia as a philosopher, studying or working at the University of Toronto, Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard. But, ultimately, Penn found himself yearning for answers no university could provide. 

With a growing appetite for a more dynamic medium, and the need to reach a wider audience, he now focuses on writing for television, film, and digital. 

A teller of character-driven neo-noirs, his work is governed by a strong sense of place, where outsiders seek redemption, but wrestle with a shifting sense of who they are.

Penn is currently completing a literary thriller novel set in Niagara Falls, and a tech-noir teleplay on the phenomenon of memory. 

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